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Texas Pet sitter conference

with love and remembrance

"A candle’s dancing light is a symbol of a living spirit. The flame burns to strengthen memories and the light of their life continues to shine."

Losing a loved one brings intense feelings of loss and remembering them can be so hard. Memorial candles can be a comforting way to honor a special friend and heal heartbreak. Candles can help process these complex feelings and express a loss, turning grief into action.

Our artisan candles are poured with love in small batches and crafted with premium all-natural soy wax. Each memorial candle order includes healthy ways to grieve written by a licensed professional counselor.

Candles can be a bright spot when sadness comes. The flickering flame represents the living spirit of a loved one.

Heartfelt Gifts

Meaningful and impactful gifts can be hard to find. It is even harder to give a gift after the loss of a beloved pet. Care Professionals can set themselves apart with a personalized gift for a grieving client. Clients will appreciate your thoughtfulness every time they light their candle.

Why Memory Flame

As a pet care professional myself, I saw the grief and heartbreak of our clients after the loss of a beloved pet. Memorial candles are a beautiful gift, providing peace and comfort during a difficult time. Memory Flame was born from the loss of my heart dog, Olive, in September 2020. 

Gift Packaging

Each Memory Flame candle comes in gift packaging and can be shipped to you to gift or directly to your client.  Each gift box also includes a card with a link for your client to access healthy ways to grieve and express loss, written by a licensed professional counselor.

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