remembrance candles

candles that honor the life of a loved one

A candle’s dancing light is a symbol of a living spirit. The flame burns to strengthen memories – and the light of their life continues to shine.

Losing a loved one brings intense feelings of loss and remembering them can be so hard. Memorial candles are a beautiful to honor your loved one and keep your memories alive.

Our artisan candles are poured with love in small batches and crafted with premium all-natural soy wax. Each memorial candle order includes grief action and education information written by a licensed professional counselor.



Memory Flame

Losing a loved one brings intense feelings of loss and grief. Candles can help process these complex feelings and turn grief into action.  Memory Flame was born from a year of my own losses. I saw the need for meaningful ways to process grief and connect with the memories of those we said goodbye to.

It is important that we each find our own way to express grief and heal from loss. Stay connected with us for healthy ways to express grief, support tips, and updates from us at Memory Flame Candle Company. 


Morgan, Founder and CEO

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